Horseback Safari Botswana

Helicopter and Horseback Safari

Embark on the ultimate adventure, exclusively at Belmond Eagle Island Lodge. Spot big game from the sky on a sunrise helicopter ride. Then, a guide will lead you through the bush on horseback, with the chance to ride beside buffalo, elephants and wild dogs at hunt.

Please note: Basic horse-riding skills required.

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Luxury Botswana Safari

Walking Safari

On a walking safari you are totally enveloped by nature. Set out from camp early in the morning, and as you become attuned to your surroundings you will pick up the sounds and smells of animals nearby.

Groups are limited to six persons and are accompanied by a guide with a two-way radio.

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Canoe Safari Africa - Luxury Botswana Safari

Mokoro Safari

At Belmond Eagle Island Lodge a mokoro, or traditional dugout canoe, takes you over shallow waters to areas inaccessible by regular boat.

Luminous dragonflies hover with whirring wings. Game such as red lechwe antelope, reed bucks and giraffes come to drink. For many it is the birds that truly dazzle - egrets, storks and even fishing eagles swoop overhead.

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Helicopter Safari - Things to do in Botswana

Helicopter Safaris

Available at Belmond Eagle Island Lodge, helicopter flights over Botswana are one of life’s big adventures. Undisturbed by aircraft, view animals freely in their natural habitat.

Touch down at a secluded spot and arrange in advance for a speedboat to meet you, bringing coffee or celebratory sparkling wine.

Take to the sky Take to the sky
Savute Safari - Luxury Botswana Safari

Game Drives

Early morning game drives take you out into a wild landscape. Expect to see a huge range of creatures, from big cats to rhino, antelope, and buffalo.

Equally atmospheric and exciting are evening drives. Animals and birds emerge from their siesta, and suddenly the bush is alive with sights and sounds. Game viewing vehicles seat up to 6 guests.

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Night Safari - Luxury Botswana Safari

Moonlight Safaris

Available at Belmond Khwai River Lodge, night drives provide a rare opportunity to witness the nocturnal life of the African bush.

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Boma Safari - Luxury Botswana Safari


Gather around the campfire in this circular space and share your day’s adventures. Your guides will also regale you with their own exhilarating tales of the bush.

Available at Belmond Khwai River Lodge and Belmond Savute Elephant Lodge, sit back with a drink as the flames flicker and the lamps glow.

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Botswana Culture - Luxury Botswana Safari

Village Life

Khwai River Lodge enjoys a unique location close to a San Bushmen’s village, and Eagle Island Lodge is positioned near Xaxaba village. Fortunate visitors may be invited into a private home to experience aspects of their way of life.

This is no tourist attraction, but a community of people who have adapted ancient traditions to modern times.

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Luxury Botswana Safari


The open, unpolluted skies of Botswana are the perfect place to experience the vast dome of the African night sky.

Learn how Bushmen used the stars to locate the true south. Use powerful telescopes to witness constellations that you may never have seen before, including the Southern Cross.

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Bird Watching Botswana - Luxury Botswana Safari

Bird Watching

Our lodges provide the perfect stage from which to witness Botswana’s thriving avian life. Across our three sites you may encounter eagles, fishing owls, carmine bee-eaters and the endangered wattled crane.

If you are a keen bird watcher, please contact us in advance. We can advise you on the perfect time to visit and witness the species that interest you the most.

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Baobab Tour - Botswana Tourist Attractions

Bushmen Paintings and Baobab Trees

Discover an exceptional collection of Bushmen paintings, thought to be more than 1,500 years old, in the wide open landscape.

After viewing the paintings, continue to the spectacular baobab grove. A cathedral-like cluster of 13 giant trees, standing among the towering columns at sunset is sure to be one of many inspiring highlights of your trip.

A unique tour A unique tour
Botswana Fishing - Luxury Botswana Safari


Set off from Belmond Eagle Island Lodge by boat early in the morning with a trained fisherman guide. Waters are rich with tilapia, catfish and African pike.

By law, fish are protected by a catch and release system. Basic rods and reels are available from the lodge, but keen fisherman are advised to bring their own equipment.

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