Endangered Wildlife Trust

Belmond Safaris is a proud supporter of the Endangered Wildlife Trust, a Southern African NGO. We actively assist on the ground with the Wattled Crane Project in the Moremi Wildlife Reserve, as well as contribute funds to the organization.

You can support the Endangered Wildlife Trust by ‘adopting’ a Wattled Crane, the most endangered crane species in the region. They are exceptionally susceptible to disturbances while nesting, and despite laying two eggs, usually only one chick is hatched and reared. Several nests have been located along the river close to Belmond Khwai River Lodge.

Environmental Focus

We emphasise the co-existence of wildlife and people in a predominantly undisturbed environment. The luxury accommodation offers modern comforts within an authentic "bush" experience.

All lodges were initially constructed in accordance to guidelines laid out by the Department of Wildlife, the Department of Tourism, Department of Lands and the Department of Labour. Over and above these regulations, Belmond Safaris has ensured that all are semi-permanent, meaning that the camps could be removed easily with little trace left behind. There is also a rehabilitation plan for the area, should the lodges ever be removed.

Day to day operations within the camps are conducted in such a way as to ensure minimal disturbance to the environment.

Belmond Safaris also assists a number of local Botswana NGO's and research projects, collecting information whilst in the field. Many of the guides have specific interests in a variety of subjects and often assist specialist research groups in the area.

Lofdal Community Project

Belmond Safaris is also dedicated to supporting local community initiatives, such as the Lofdal Community Projects in Cape Town. We actively support the Lofdal School and orphanage by contributing a percentage of profits to these projects. By travelling with Belmond Safaris, you too are helping to make the future brighter for those less fortunate.

Our Guides

All guides are qualified professionals, required by law in Botswana. In addition, many have completed additional wildlife related training courses and tertiary studies, a number of which have previously worked within the Department of Wildlife in Botswana.

We actively support our local Government Guide training institutions, the DWNP as well as other organizations, the Botswana Training Authority, The Okavango Guide Training institute, Botswana Tourism and the Okavango Delta Management Project.

We assist and support major organizations like the Department Of Wildlife And National Parks and Botswana Tourism by regularly inviting their training attachments to the lodges to gain the necessary experience within the tourism industry.

In-house training is conducted on an on-going basis and special attention is given to communication. All Botswana guides are Motswana, with their first language being Setswana.

Our Environmentalists

The full-time Environmental manager co-ordinates and trains camp environmentalists and guides in a variety of conservation and environmental related projects and tasks.

To emphasize Belmond’s commitment to global environmental standards in all of their properties worldwide, we have recently installed a major sewage plant at our water based Belmond Eagle Island Lodge. This way no waste liquids can possibly enter the diverse ecosystem of the Okavango Delta.

Health and Safety

Belmond Safaris has a dedicated Social Welfare Councillor, appointed specifically to address and educate staff and their extended families on HIV/AIDS related issues. The company is actively involved in assisting local NGO and non-profit organizations in fund raising activities. The senior staff and guiding staff undergo regular first aid training and refresher courses. All staff who handle food undergo regular health checks, including x-ray check-ups, in order to ensure a high level of hygiene within our kitchens.

Contact Information

Belmond Safaris
Okavango Delta, Chobe National Park, Moremi Reserve, Botswana

Tel: +27 (0)21 483 1600
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Email: safaris@belmond.com

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